Organic SEO and Paid Search

SEO guaranteed results money backThanks to the equivalent of spam in SEO terms, metadata keywords have little relevance in organic search engine optimization today. Modern search engine algorithms are interested in the actual content, not what you say the content is in your keyword metadata. If the search engine cannot assess the subject of the page by the content, then the content is not search engine friendly.

Organic search is the process of optimizing content and how that content is formatted with the correct use of html tags. This helps the search engine decide what the page is about and how relevant to a user's search phrase. Search engines, especially Google, then rate pages by how many pages link to them. This is treated as a vote that the pages content is relevant and contains good information that others also think is relevant.

Organic SEO also requires the use of link baiting strategies which will increase the number of in-links for a site. These processes take time but eventually move the page rankings higher against the targeted search phrases as the content improves and in-links increase.

Paid Search or PPC on the other hand can be viewed as instant. A small sponsored ad is created and shown according to keyword bidding. You have to bid how much you are willing to pay for a user to click on your ad, and then be redirected to your landing page. PPC can yield some very impressive return on investment but is an ongoing cost and should have it's own separate budget defined.

Organic Search vs PPC

Whilst PPC is instant - you can immediately have your ad on page 1 of Google, should you bid enough for the keywords, but it is a constant, ongoing cost. As soon as you stop paying, your ads are no longer shown.

Organic Search on the other hand takes time to optimize content and build the in-links, but once it is done and your pages are ranked higher on the search engines, they stay there. Therefore over the life of the two options, organic search is actually cheaper, working out to just a few dollars per day per keyword for the length of the campaign. This is significantly cheaper than paying x dollars/cents per click, per keyword.

What Is Right For Us?

Please contact our expert SEO team to assess what would work best for your company and goals. In most cases we recommend organic search engine optimization first, followed by a PPC campaign.

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