Affordable Search Engine Optimization SEO Packages

SEO guaranteed results money back Our highly recommended, affordable Search Engine Optimization SEO services and packages start from just $295 per month and typically go up to no higher than $995 per month. The length of the search engine optimization campaign will usually range from just 3 to 12 months, depending on several factors but mainly the competitiveness of the keywords, search phrases and site complexity. Our SEO optimization packages will normally run for 6 months to achieve the best SEO positioning.

Contact us for a FREE, no obligation SEO review. From this initial assessment we will draw up a list of SEO recommendations specific to your site and provide a more accurate quote which will include an SEO package specific to your business needs. This may also include Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Do We Offer SEO Package Discounts?

Discounts are offered for full pre-payment of the whole campaign, the longer the campaign length the higher the discount. This can be as high as 15% on top of any other additional offers that are running at the time.

Coupled with our 100% SEO fee money back guarantee, this makes our SEO packages more affordable than ever.

An additional discount can be arranged under certain circumstances should your company be willing to be a case study if your current page rankings are extremely low.

Is There Anything We Do Not Do?

Yes. Fortunately for our customers there are many things we will not do, even though some of our competitors are willing to.

Really Good IT Solutions will not:

  • Perform generic SEO for your type of business, then attempt to resell the same solution to your competitors, effectively negating any increase in page rankings that have been made
  • Take on a project if it does not fit our criteria of acceptable results just to sign a new customer. If we do not think we can help, we would rather decline a customer request than end up disappointing them
  • Recommend complete website redesign to increase our invoicing. In most cases we work with existing site designs without significant changes
  • Advertise cheap SEO packages to then only offer significantly more expensive solutions

FREE SEO review. Site visits available within the areas of Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada.